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7 Quick Takes: Numero Uno


— 1 —

 If you’re not familiar, I’m happy to be linking up with Jen for 7 Quick Takes! A lot of my fave bloggers link up and (yipee!) now I can join the fun! What? I like being fashionably late to the party.  This counts, right?

— 2 —

An occasional Bad Catholic reader, I came across this gem this week and sheesh did it gimme lot to think about. A bit heady and philosophical, it was a great morning reflection for Advent in my humble opinion.

When the loved one is ripped from our universe, whether in death, loss or heartbreak, we do not experience their absence as nothingness, as their simply not-being-there. Rather, we experience the absence of all modes of relation as painfully revelatory of the one relationship upon which they are founded — the personal relationship, which may be accessed through the physical, the sensual, the temporal, the spacial, and all the rest, but ultimately transcends each of these modes by fathering-forth the very possibility of their existence. Absence strips relation to its core. All we have left, when the loved one is absent, is the very person of the loved one, terribly inaccessible, but painfully present nonetheless…

— 3 —

Have y’all seen this? One of my loves passed it along so I pass it to you.

— 4 —

Yes. “Y’all” is becoming part of my chosen lingo.  I, a Hoosier, who has moments of a Minnesota accent am adopting y’all with a bit of a Southern lilt.  It’s just too convenient.  See the love mentioned in #3 for who is to blame.

— 5 —

Since I’ll be gone for about a week around Christmas I be eatin’ down the contents of my fridge.  It’s a sad sight, but total win for lasting nearly the whole month on what already was in my kitchen.  Also, woof. Guess one resolution I can make next year is to have my pantry overflow a little less.

I am my mother’s daughter. She rarely ran out of something and oh, the horror, if I ever do!

Anywho.  That means some simple but tasty dinners this week.  Here was tonight’s adventure.  (Quickly going bad and growing eyes) potatoes-turned-hashbrowns with sunny side up eggs, a bit of parm, and Frank’s Red Hot.


— 6 —

In a rare change of events this year, I’ve been WAY less interested in Christmas music and really enjoying the Advent tunes.  Here are my favorite this right now.  We still have a few days of Advent, why not take a listen?

Born in Me by Francesca Battistelli

Future of Forestry: The Earth Stood Still And I think I have to credit my friend and fellow Beachbody Coach Joia with the introduction to that one. Or maybe it was Carrots… Either way both ladies have introduced me to wonderful Advent music this year!

Matt Maher: O Come, O Come Emmanuel A Beautiful update to my favorite Advent song – that’s saying something.  Me likey me old hymns. Rejoice! Rejoice!

The Brilliance: Open Up Make me an instrument of Your peace.

— 7 —

 With only 5 days till Christmas you think it’s too late to ask Santa for a new spatula? The casualty from dinner tonight.

Broken Kitchen

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Author: Jenn at SoulMeetsBodyFitness

Blogger and Beachbody coach at SoulMeetsBody Fitness. I want to share with you my journey of fitness and faith as I discover how intimately the soul and body are connected. It’s my hope that what I’m learning can encourage and spur you on in your own journey to a healthier life – body and soul!

5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Numero Uno

  1. loving the blog and your style jenn!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the “Be Born in Me” song! I really enjoy Francesca Battistelli’s music and hadn’t heard that one before! 🙂

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