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Top 13 of 2013

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The end of a year always brings reflections of what the previous year has been like. 2013 was so good for me and I feel very grateful to round out the year with a few (13 to be exact) of my favorite moments or happenings.

13. Rehabbing an old dresser and beautifying it with my dear friend Keith. It’s a rather nice addition to my house this year.
Dresser Rehab - BeforeDresser Rehab - After
12. Camping in Brown County, Indiana  with 40 something young adults from the Midwest.  It was a wonderful chance to unplug and enjoy the beauty of creation in the early fall.

Camping in Brown County

11. Hosting “Cork and Cow: A Pop-up Restaurant” As a fundraiser for Run for the Call, I hosted a pop-up restaurant at my house and had the chance to share my delight in cooking with my friends. This yummy creation was the crowning dessert of the night, a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake using Smitten Kitchen’s recipe.

Cork and Cow's Peanut Butter Cake

10. Hiking in Gatlinburg I actually went to Gatlinburg twice this year with my friend Julie. The second time a few of our other friends joined us for a relaxing weekend. It was the perfect time of year to see the glory of the mountains in the Fall.

Hiking in Gatlinburg

9. Father Jeremy Miller’s Ordination My dear friend from Xavier, Jeremy Miller, was ordained to the Holy Priesthood this year! It was a true honor to see his ordination as well as be present for his first Mass.

Father Jeremy's First Mass

8. Completing the Mud Stash My first mud obstacle course! It was such an exhilarating experience that I’m ready to do another in 2014!

Mud Stash Run

7. Thanksgiving in Chicago My sister, Beth, and BIL, Peter, bought a new house in Chicago and had the pleasure of hosting Thanksgiving this year.  It was a delight to see their new home and celebrate with my family and some of Peter’s.

Thanksgiving in Chicago

6. Seeing my Mom finish her first 5k! Although I may get flak for sharing this photo (sorry Mom!), I can’t help it! I’m so proud of Mom for finishing her first 5k and grateful that I was there alongside through the run.

Mom's First 5k

5. My sis’s wedding What a joy it was to stand beside my big sis Andrea as she embarked on her Vocation to marriage with her best friend Brad. It was the party of the year and a beautiful sacrament to behold.  Wasn’t she a beautiful bride?

Andrea's wedding

4. Skiing in Aspen, CO In January this year I traveled with my parents to Aspen to go skiing for a few days. It was the most exhilarating experience to reach the very top of the mountain and zip down! My inner dare devil was so happy that week. 🙂

Ski Aspen

3. Finishing the Flying Pig Half Marathon My second half marathon, this one was a big win in many ways. I overcame my fear of running in the snow during training, tackled the toughest hill in Cincinnati, and shaved 10 minutes off my previous time. I’m looking forward to training again in 2014.  More posts on that one to come.

Running for the Call

2. Backpacking in Scotland It was a dream come true to have my very own JPII experience by heading into the wilderness with a holy man like Father Nathan.

Backpacking in Scotland

1. Getting Fit in 2013! Losing weight and getting fit this year has been a major blessing. I feel so grateful to the women I’ve journeyed with in the past year as we all try to reach our fitness and weight loss goals.

Fit progress

What’s one of your top moments from 2013?

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Blogger and Beachbody coach at SoulMeetsBody Fitness. I want to share with you my journey of fitness and faith as I discover how intimately the soul and body are connected. It’s my hope that what I’m learning can encourage and spur you on in your own journey to a healthier life – body and soul!

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