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Soba stir fry

Salvaging a bad day

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Pfff. Today was rough.  A 30 minute commute turned into 2 hours because of a road closure this morning and it seemed that all technology was boycotting its use.  After all, half the world (or at least Cincinnati) had a snow day – shouldn’t our file system as well? Frustration mounting, I snacked on some junk food, felt sorry for myself, and complaining internally.  Around the dreaded happy hour of 3pm I decided I needed to salvage the day somehow.  I still had a workout in front of me and my poor eating wasn’t going to give me the energy I needed to do it.  So I grabbed an orange and tried to pull myself out of my bad mood.

What my mood was like before my workout

pretty good representation of my mood before working out today

Contrasting the morning commute, I made it home and shoveled the drive in record time so I could hit play. I’m on the final week of T25 and grabbed the bonus Core Speed DVD  that I had yet to try.  Wanting a tough workout to get my aggression out, I shoved it into the DVD player and got to work.  And man! does Shaun T know how to push it. Twenty-five minutes later my mood – and seemingly my evening – was salvaged.  Like hitting the reset button, endorphins have the power to take a mostly horrible day and turn me around from the monster mood I was in make me feel normal again. 

recipe notes

my scrawl so you could have the recipe too

After such a workout, I needed a quick dinner using the chicken breast I’d defrosted and some brussel sprouts that were looking pretty sad. My go-to recipe for brussels involves soy sauce, chili pepper paste, and sesame oil, so I threw together a quick stir-fry. And because soba noodles take 4 minutes (yes, only 4) to cook, I tossed the chicken and veggies together with my go-to noodle.  Walaa! Dinner is served.

Quick Chicken Stir Fry

*Chef’s note: Whenever I have veggies starting to go bad or need a quick dinner, I tend to make a stir fry.  It’s as flexible as you like.  Never do I make a stir fry the same twice.  But the general sauce ingredients tend to be the same, sometimes adding in rice vinegar or lemon juice to the ingredients listed below.

1 Chicken breast
1/2 onion, sliced
3 cups raw veggies, chopped
-Brussel sprouts, carrots, green beans, peppers were the veggies of choice this time.

1/2 c soy sauce (I use lite for less sodium)
1/2 tsp chili paste
1 tsp ginger, fresh or ground
1 1/2 tsp seasame oil
pinch of tumeric and paprika

Preheat your skillet on medium heat, adding healthy glug of olive oil to warm before adding the onion to begin carmelizing.  Saute the onion for a few minutes while you chop the chicken breast into small chunks.  Adding the chicken to the pan, let cook for another 4-5 minutes while you prep the rest of the vegetables.  Once the chicken is nearly cooked through, add in the prepared vegetables to cook.  Set a small pot of water to boil.

soba noodles
Prepare the sauce ingredients in a separate bowl, whisking together and then adding into the cooking stir fry.  While the vegetables soak up the saucy goodness, throw one cluster of soba noodles (they usually come packaged in small clusters) into your boiling water and cook for 4 minutes.  Drain the noodles and finally…


With the stir-fry, that is.  Toss with the food.  Not into the garbage – because that would be silly of you.

A day salvaged.

A day salvaged.

Final step: Enjoy.  A tough workout and a quick stir-fry to salvage the day – I’ll take it.  And I’ll hope for a better day tomorrow.

How do you salvage a day that starts off bad? 

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Blogger and Beachbody coach at SoulMeetsBody Fitness. I want to share with you my journey of fitness and faith as I discover how intimately the soul and body are connected. It’s my hope that what I’m learning can encourage and spur you on in your own journey to a healthier life – body and soul!

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