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7QT: Seven Benefits of Community Supported Agriculture

First off, if you are not familiar with CSAs, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  In short summary, a member of a CSA pays a fee at the beginning of a growing season and each week picks up their share of the farm’s harvest.

This will be my fourth summer as part of a CSA and I can’t wait for my share pickup to begin next week! I know several friends who have considered making the leap to participate in a CSA, but weren’t sure if they wanted to jump.  So I wanted to link up with Kathryn and share my 7 quick takes on why I enjoy being a member of community supported agriculture. Without further ado…

7 benefits of a CSA

— 1 —

It’s a good value.  I tend to easily go over my grocery budget when farmer’s market season rolls around and a CSA helps keep my spending on produce in check. After all, it’s only me and the ocassional extra mouth that I’m cooking for at this point, so there is only so much that I can eat in a week.  THAT however, doesn’t tend to stop me from stocking up on the abundance of beautiful ingredients staring at me as I walk through the farmer’s market.

By having a CSA share I have paid upfront for my produce and that means at the height of summer when I’ve got zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, and corn coming out my ears, I wouldn’t have to spend anything at the farmer’s market if I didn’t want to.

But usually I still want to. I mean all the Blue Oven Bakery bread, Canal Junction cheese, Backyard Orchards fruit….come on.  My willpower is weak. Continue reading


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7 Quick Takes #2: Being here and there and away from the norm

Linking up with Jen today.

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It’s been a rather quiet few weeks over here at SMB. So where have I been?

Antigua, Guatemala

In Guatemala!

— 2 —

It’s a blessing to be in a warm locale, spending time meeting the students helped by our programs and dusting off my rusty Spanish. I’m grateful for it. It’s a major perk of my job, this travel to find inspiration for going out. For in going out to tell others and inspire generosity of heart, the fire must first be lit in me. Continue reading


7 Quick Takes: Numero Uno

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 If you’re not familiar, I’m happy to be linking up with Jen for 7 Quick Takes! A lot of my fave bloggers link up and (yipee!) now I can join the fun! What? I like being fashionably late to the party.  This counts, right?

— 2 —

An occasional Bad Catholic reader, I came across this gem this week and sheesh did it gimme lot to think about. A bit heady and philosophical, it was a great morning reflection for Advent in my humble opinion.

When the loved one is ripped from our universe, whether in death, loss or heartbreak, we do not experience their absence as nothingness, as their simply not-being-there. Rather, we experience the absence of all modes of relation as painfully revelatory of the one relationship upon which they are founded — the personal relationship, which may be accessed through the physical, the sensual, the temporal, the spacial, and all the rest, but ultimately transcends each of these modes by fathering-forth the very possibility of their existence. Absence strips relation to its core. All we have left, when the loved one is absent, is the very person of the loved one, terribly inaccessible, but painfully present nonetheless…Continue reading