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Guest blogging at Someday Saints

Now that I’m back from my trip to Guatemala, I have a few posts swimming around in my head —things I’ve learned as a Beachbody coach, preserving the summer harvest, and keeping progress in perspective. Hopefully these will be forthcoming in the next few weeks b/c I miss posting more regularly.

With school gearing up and summer activities beginning to wind down (although I’m not ready to be done yet!), you can feel the shift of seasons.  If you’re like Gina,  you might be ready for a change in routine.  With the thought of getting into a new routine for fall schedules, Gina started a great fitness series on her blog and invited me to share a guest post.  You can read the full post over at Someday Saints (and catch a glimpse of me running)!

A Higher Purpose in Exercise

“With these obstacles in mind at the start, training could easily have been overwhelming. Below freezing temps, ice, dark morning hours, plain old tiredness – I could think of a myriad of reasons to avoid that 5am wake up call. What got me through those 5am training runs in the below freezing temps was the spiritual link to those seminarians. I would begin to complain about the cold or the early hours, or both, and gently the Holy Spirit would remind me why I was training and it would push me up that next hill or out the door into the cold or rain.”



Fulton Sheen and the time spent exercising


“It is not particularly difficult to find thousands who will spend two or three hours a day exercising, but if you ask them to bend their knees to God for five minutes of prayer, they protest that it is too long.”-Fulton Sheen

A priest friend once told me a good way to judge the balance of prayer and exercise in your life was to examine the amount if time you spend exercising and at least match that with time spent in prayer

While I’m definitely not spending hours exercising,  his reminder helps me try to strike a good balance. I have to make sure that if I’m working towards a specific fitness goal (like running a half marathon or dropping those last pesky 5 lbs) and find myself spending more time and thought on the physical, that I keep it in check and not become consumed. Being a goal driven person it is easy for me to have tunnel vision, being zeroed in on the goals I’ve put before myself. But when I realize that I’m spending an inordinate amount of time (or even thought) on the physical, I can readjust my aim so my perspective regains some balance.

How do you benchmark the balance of time spent in prayer and time spent working out?