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Learnings from Lent: A lean pantry

One of the practices I’ve undertaken this Lent is to refrain from purchasing groceries (except for 4 basic ingredients I’m allowing myself).  Since cooking is a major hobby and stress reliever of mine, I thought at the outset this would be a good challenge for me.  I knew it would be easier at the beginning because I had fresh produce on my shelf, but that as the weeks would pass it would be more challenging as I am required to look into the back of my freezer and see what I’ve stored there.

My goal is to cut some of the excess out of my life and a lean pantry is a concrete way for me to begin.  I always have an abundance of food in my pantry and I haven’t faced lasting hunger.  And never was it more noticeable to me than during my last trip to Guatemala.

We visited the home of a young student in CoEd’s Culture of Reading Program.  She walked us from the school to her house, taking the dirt path leading to a cluster of small buildings with mud brick walls, dirt floors, a single windowless opening for light, and a tin roof. The group squeezed into the tiny building meant to be a kitchen and spoke with the mother about their life.  There wasn’t quite enough room for me to fit, so standing just outside the door I asked, “What does an average day look like?” Knowing already what the basic answer would be, I only half listened to her answer as she talked about waking and first thanking God for the gift of a new day then beginning the prepare the meals for the day, hand wash laundry – never mind carrying water from the town well to do it – and tidying up the house after her nine children.
“What kind of meals do you prepare for your family?” someone continued.

“I make tortillas. And we gather herbs and eat whatever God gives us.”

Tortillas.  3 meals a day for their entire existence. Continue reading


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7 Quick Takes #2: Being here and there and away from the norm

Linking up with Jen today.

— 1 —

It’s been a rather quiet few weeks over here at SMB. So where have I been?

Antigua, Guatemala

In Guatemala!

— 2 —

It’s a blessing to be in a warm locale, spending time meeting the students helped by our programs and dusting off my rusty Spanish. I’m grateful for it. It’s a major perk of my job, this travel to find inspiration for going out. For in going out to tell others and inspire generosity of heart, the fire must first be lit in me. Continue reading