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Pushing Physical Limits

I didn’t have much of a choice in my own mind. We were on day 4 of grueling hike through the Highlands and gotten to the base of the Sgurr nan Spainteach, one of the Five Sisters of Kintail mountains, and the thought of staying at base camp for the day simply wasn’t an option.

One in our group had been injured the day before and several of us were sore, achy, and tired from trekking through the pocked earth that is the Scottish Highlands (with 50 pounds of gear and provisions each, mind you).  So, our leader, Fathan Nathan Cromley and our guides decided we would make camp in the valley for a second night and leave everything but the essentials (water, food, emergency supplies) to hike to the summit.  That also meant if you weren’t feeling up to the challenge of a 3,000 foot hike, you could opt for a day of reflection with our Lord in the tabernacle in the beauty of the valley. Not a bad option in the least!

Valley by the Kintail Sisters

Spending a day here? Ok, twist my arm.

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