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Facing the Work

Made for Greatness

It’s the middle of winter, my friend, and I’m in a slump. I’ve been procrastinating, wasting time in a myriad of ways, being lazy, over-indulging, making excuses, avoiding big tasks. I thought the much needed vacation around the holidays would help me shake off this slumpiness.  Nope, didn’t help.

This morning I realized, at least in part, the heart of the issue.  I see the magnitude of the tasks before me and I stall. I freeze up.  I find any excuse under the sun as a reason not to start.  The big tasks I have before me – a busy season at work, growing SoulMeetsBody (and living consistently with the healthy lifestyle I put forth), pouring life into relationships, a massive volunteer project – they overwhelm me with the amount of work I see before me. 

As I reflected, nursing my morning Shakeology and cup of coffee, I remembered feeling the same way in Scotland.  As our group of backpackers was readying the campsite for our last night in civilization (ie: a campground – we’re talking the last flushing toilets for days, folks!), facing gnat-like midges and soaking rain for the first time that trip, I stalled. I froze. Continue reading