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Running Away From Stress

January is generally one of the busiest times at work for me as I lead the team preparing for volunteer groups traveling to Guatemala.  And even though I anticipate the stressful season, I still haven’t learned how to handle the stress gracefully.  That being said, I’m grateful for realizing in the past year that running clears my head like no other form of exercise.  Remind me to take a run when I’m stressed this month, ok?

This fall (during the other stressful season at work) I wrote about one such run in my journal and I wanted to share it with you.

Running clears my head like no other form of exercise I’ve found. This may not be the case for everyone, but the crisp, clear, fall air this morning helped me run away from my stress.  Surely, I face the stress again when I reach my front step again, but for those brief moments of my day, I can run from the stressors.

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During my warm-up (I have to go straight uphill for 2/3 a mile when I start off) running up the hill into Mt. Washington, I may be processing – facing the demons of worry and anxiety or the vices of anger and pride at something that happened. But if I run long enough I will always outpace the personal demons. Continue reading